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The Associated Press called the California and New Mexico Democratic primaries for Hillary Clinton early this morning, adding the states to the candidate’s slate of victories this week. The news follows Clinton’s win in New Jersey, and further secures her claim to the presidential nomination.

On Monday, the AP reported that Clinton had already clinched the delegate total needed to win, one day before primaries were held in six states. On Tuesday, she addressed the presumed victory.

“Tonight caps an amazing journey—a long, long journey,” Clinton said at a victory speech in Brooklyn last night, nodding to her role as the first woman in U.S. history to win a major party’s nomination for president. “We all owe so much to those who came before, and tonight belongs to all of you.”

Bernie Sanders also claimed wins, in North Dakota and Montana. In his speech Tuesday night, he acknowledged that he had a “very, very steep fight” ahead of him, but vowed to stay in the race and continue “our fight for social, economic, racial and environmental justice.”

The final primary of the race, in Washington, D.C., happens next week.