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For the first time in months, Hillary Clinton has actually agreed to take questions from the press. Granted, this wasn’t an actual press conference but an appearance at the National Association for Black and Hispanic Journalists convention in Washington, as off-the-cuff as she’s likely to get. Which is why we got to hear two minutes of Hillary Clinton listing her many black friends.

The question came from The Undefeated’s Kevin Merida, who asked Clinton to name the most meaningful conversation she’s had with an African American. Here’s Clinton’s response:

Can I tell you that I am blessed to have many—a crew of great friends. And I’ve had two chiefs of staff who were my African American women friends, Maggie Williams and Cheryl Mills. I have been blessed to have people by my side in politics, like Minyon Moore who is one of the leaders of my campaign. I’ve had a great group of young people who I have been really motivated by and frankly learned from.

So I really have had a lifetime of friendship, going back to my college years when one of my best friends was an African American student. So I can’t compress into one conversation—they’ve supported me. They’v chastised me. They’ve raised issues with me. They’ve tried to expand my musical tastes.

So we’ve had a lot of great times because of our friendships, so I can’t really pick one conversation out of 50 years of conversations.

To Hillary’s credit, it’s clear she realizes what’s about to happen before she can even get the words out—hence the quick switch from “many friends” to “crew.” She’s not tone deaf, but there’s also not exactly a good way for her to answer this question.

So enjoy watching Hillary squirm while you can, because god knows how long it will be until she talks to journalists again.