Let's check in on the city of Harrisburg, the bankrupt sinkhole of despair that is the capital of the great, coal-choked state of Pennsylvania. "Hey, how's that municipal bankruptcy coming along, Harrisburg?" "Oh not bad— we're selling off our collection of Wild West artifacts. Lol, and u?"

Why, you might ask, does the bankrupt city of Harrisburg, PA have an extensive collection of Wild West artifacts? Because, DUH, former Harrisburg mayor Stephen Reed just thought that having a Wild West museum would be a great big moneymaking thing there, in Harrisburg, PA, naturally.

Harrisburg's former mayor spent nearly $8 million in public money buying those and many other pieces, raising questions about why an East Coast city of 49,000 would want a Wild West museum.

What part of "Wild West Bonanza— Of Cash" don't these critics understand?

For some reason the Wild West thing in Harrisburg, PA didn't work out, and the town became a bankrupt sinkhole of despair, instead. Now the city is going to auction off its Wild West artifacts in order to raise money for gruel, to perhaps sustain its beleaguered citizenry for at least one more day. So if you're looking for some discount Wild West artifacts at bargain prices, be sure to take a look at the auction going on in Harrisburg, a city in Pennsylvania where the mayor thought it would be a good idea to spend $8 million on Wild West artifacts, and which is now bankrupt.

In addition to a failed Wild West museum and a lot of sinkholes, Harrisburg is also home to the Three Mile Island nuclear plant and Gawker staff writer Caity Weaver.

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