Our nation is filled with unsecured LED billboards that are hooked up to the internet and can be configured by anyone to show literally any image. Today, one of those billboards showed a doctored photo of Marco Rubio licking a penis lollipop.

Here comes an amazing train of proper nouns: after notorious neo-Nazi hacker Andrew “Weev” Auernheimer tweeted a link to some of these unsecured billboards, a Twitter user by the name of “Johnny Cockring” shared his handiwork with a large roadside screen in Alabama:

What you’re seeing in those screenshots is the interface one would use to change the images for legitimate reasons, easily hijacked by anyone with rudimentary technical skills. All Johnny had to do was add this image to the cycling gallery of other images the billboard’s server keeps queued up:

According to the website Manhunt Daily, this is a photoshopped picture from a Gay Pride festival in Spain. One entertained Alabama motorist tweeted a photo of the billboard, so we know it’s real:

Over DM, Mr. Cockring told me that “It was just a prank nothing more,” and that “I go for the absurd and rediculous [sic].” He added that in terms of difficulty, the hack was the “easiest exploit in the history of exploits—the amazing thing about this is the gaping hole in security that allowed it the first place.”


h/t Motherboard