A high school teacher has been suspended for allegedly taping a student’s hands together and then trying to tape her mouth shut. Greg Sims, a science teacher at Lake Brantley High School in Altamonte Springs, Florida, will be suspended without pay for five days.

According to Superintendent Walt Griffin, Sims “taped a student’s hands together, attempted to tape her mouth closed as a means of addressing her disturbing the class and taped her book bag to a pole in the classroom.” Griffin also notes that Sims' behavior was “unacceptable conduct” and “egregious” for a professional educator.

Yet this is not the first time Sims has been in trouble for misbehavior. In 1999, he was sent an official warning letter, in 2001 he was suspended without pay for “embarrassing students,” in 2005 he was again warned for calling a female student a “derogatory name,” and in 2008 he was suspended without pay for “repeated misconduct” and “embarrassing students.” All three suspensions stem from charges of embarrassing female students.

The school-district spokesman, Mike Lawrence, said that Sims would “likely” face firing if he has any more trouble when he returns to the classroom next week. Which is good because they should definitely wait and see if the behavior is part of a pattern before jumping to any permanent conclusions.

[Screenshot via WFTV]