“Martin Shkreli, from the Class of 2001, donates $1,000,000 to HCHS!” read an alumni association website for Hunter College High School a year ago.

Now, after the pharma villain’s arrest on charges of securities fraud, students are calling for the school to return the gift, according to The New York Times. Students say that Shkreli, who dropped out of the high school to attend another alternative school when his grades plummeted, donated to the school as a way to show how successful he’d become (mainly by jacking up prices for life-saving medications).

“I thought it was weird since he hadn’t graduated,” one classmate said. “It seemed almost like a ‘take that’ move.”

Another great detail from the Times piece is that after leaving for another high school, Shkreli “would come back to Hunter frequently in a suit and in a briefcase, hanging out in the hallways and sort of showing off.”

Hunter has yet to respond, and in all likelihood, won’t be giving back the $1 million that the drug-racketeering child-man so generously bequeathed. But at least unsatisfied students have this livestream of Shkreli creeping on a teenage girl to comfort them.

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