A high school senior has been suspended for 3 days after asking the reigning Miss America to prom at an assembly last Thursday.

Nina Davuluri was at Central York (Pa.) High School to discuss the importance of science, technology, and math studies. 18-year-old Patrick Farves used his question to present her with a flower and ask if she'd go to prom with him.

School officials apparently knew about the plan, and had warned Farves not to go ahead with it. He received a 3-day suspension for defying them and "disrupting" the assembly.

But Miss America is on his side. Although she can't be his prom date due to scheduling conflicts, Davuluri wrote on the official Miss America Facebook page that she had written to the school asking them to reconsider Farves' suspension.

Meanwhile, Farves appeared on the Today Show this morning. (Hey, it's not like he had to be in class.)

[Photo Credit : Getty Images]