Up until this week, Harrisburg High School student Asher Potts was an honors student with a 4.16 GPA, which probably wasn’t super hard for him, seeing as he was actually an adult man pretending to be a teenager.

According to the AP, the large teen was actually Artur Samarin, a 23-year-old Ukranian man who lost his visa before deciding to embed himself in hell (high school). FOX 43 reports he was somehow able to obtain a driver’s license, social security card and “additional US documents.”

It’s still unclear how the cops discovered Samarin was not, in fact, a teenager, and I have some other questions, too. Didn’t people wonder where his parents were? Why did he decide to be an overachieving teen? Did he get his first kiss or what? Was it just to get student discount at J Crew? That, honestly, I could understand—it’s 10 percent off EVERYTHING!!!!

Anyway, the adult teen is now in jail, which is arguably better than being stuck in high school.

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