In a story that, if we're being honest, could not have happened outside of Boston, a high school dean who also worked as a youth minister was just arrested for allegedly shooting a teenager in the back of the head over a drug deal.

Cops say Rev. Shaun O. Harrison shot a 17-year-old at point-blank range Tuesday—injuring but somehow not killing the teen, who was reportedly selling drugs for him. It's not clear how the pair met, though Harrison's dual authority figure positions as a reverend and as the dean of students at Boston English high school might have provided the introduction.

(The AP also reports Harrison led substance abuse and anger management programs for the teens.)


Around 7:15 p.m. Tuesday, Harrison lured a 17-year-old student onto Magazine Street with promises of girls and drugs, and then shot the student in the back of the head with a handgun, before fleeing on foot, according to authorities.

Police said surveillance footage from a local business captured the incident.

Amazingly, the student, who police have not identified, survived the shooting and was taken to Boston Medical Center for treatment. The student told police that he sold marijuana for Harrison, who ran a drug ring, until the two got into a dispute.

Harrison was arrested and charged with a host of felonies. The Herald points out that the good rev might have been an honest-to-goodness gangster: he allegedly "had a mural of Latin King members in his home and shared a matching tattoo with two other men arraigned in connection with the shooting."

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