An Idaho high school girls basketball coach says she was fired for posting a vacation photo on her personal Facebook page showing her fiancé grabbing her right breast.

The photo was posted back in July and remained on the site for less than 24 hours, but resurfaced last month after being forwarded to school officials by an anonymous source.

While Laraine Cook was terminated by Pocatello High School, her fiancé, who is the school's football coach, received an unspecified reprimand.

Tom Harrison is credited with leading the school's football team to 10 state titles and is an Idaho High School Football Hall of Fame.

A meeting between school district officials and parents hoping to get Cook reinstated took place last week, but concluded with Cook's termination being upheld.

"Looking back now, maybe I would say, 'you never know how someone else might take something,'" Cook told Local News 8 in her first sit-down interview since the firing. "If I've learned something from this, I've learned that you just never know and have to be extremely careful about what you do and say."

Cook also said she planned to appeal the school's decision and still holds out hope for returning to her position as coach of the varsity team.

However, this seems increasingly unlikely, especially given the recent introduction of the school's new girls basketball coach, Brock Gunter.

[screengrab via Local News 8]