As the New York Times style section dutifully tackles health goth, and while the land of 1,000 babies sees the closure of its beloved artisan tea shop, something BIG is afoot in a different borough. It's Queens. You ever heard of it? You know the one. It's over there, fresh for the wrecking.

Lonely Planet, the publisher of travel guides for the spunky adventurer on a shoestring budget and white girls in saris, has declared that Queens, NYC is the best destination for tourists to visit in 2015. Hold up, what's that you say? The terrifying dominance of B.R.O.O.K.L.Y.N. is over? Manhattan ain't shit? Let's not get hasty here. From the horse's mouth:

Exploring Queen's densely packed streets means swishing past colorful saris in Jackson Heights, listening to the sing-song call of vendors hawking South American delicacies against a crackling salsa soundtrack along Roosevelt Avenue, and breathing in the scent of strong coffee and flavored tobacco outside a hookah bar in Astoria. Flushing, incidentally is home to New York's biggest and best Chinatown, and its sidewalks are awhirl with sizzling food stalls, Asian grocery stores overflowing with exotic fruits, and glittering malls where nary an English word is spoken. For foodies, the authentic ethnic dining of Queens is a major draw and one of the biggest reasons why no other place quite measures up when compared to their own hometown borough.

Cool. Seems like there's a lot of ethnic culture to clinically observe in Queens. Exciting new territory for tourists to explore. The fuck is a roti anyway?

After you're done finding out, there's also art:

Although few visitors realize it, Queens has a world-class art scene.

Fear not, visitor. Immigrant enclaves and Capital-A Art are not the only things tourists can come in and take a curious peek at. Why, the reason it has taken Queens this long to blossom is because, well, it's finally "come into its own," Lonely Planet says. Queens, you sassy bitch, you've grown boobs. ;)

Long overshadowed by its smaller, but better known sibling to the west, Queens is finally emerging from the shadows of Manhattan to take its place as one of New York's most fascinating boroughs. In recent years, Queens has seen the rise of microbreweries, boutique hotels, a reinvented seaside and a burgeoning art scene – all of which has given a big boost to local pride.

Is any place really worth visiting if there isn't a microbrewery? Welcome to Taylor Swift's New York, where you can visit "New York's meltiest melting pot." It's been waiting for you.

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