Rock on, super gnarly high-flyers and jetsetters. Starting on March 1 of this year, all musicians must be legally permitted to carry on their instruments on all major airlines, according to a new guideline put into place by the Department of Transportation. Let's jam!

An investigation undertaken by Nashville news station NewsChannel 5 found that though a similar law was supposed to have been passed three years ago by Congress, the D.O.T. guidelines weren't written before the February deadline. This meant airlines could routinely force musicians to check their instruments, which often caused damage.

Via NewsChannel 5:

The D.O.T. finally issued those rules Tuesday which said as long as there's space either in an overhead bin or under a seat when a passenger boards, he or she may bring their instrument with them on the plane.

Remember this information when you get to the check-in counter with your precious Strat.

Tennessee Congressman Jim Cooper rejoiced at the decision, saying, "I've been pushing hard for the federal government to protect our musicians and our musical instruments. Finally, the FAA is allowing guitars in overhead bins on airlines. You won't have to check your instrument underneath the plane. You'll be able to carry onboard and keep it safe."

[Image via AP]