Dennis the Dachshund once weighed 59 pounds—pretty healthy if you are four dogs, but Dennis is just one dog—due to his bad diet of "human food and excessive treats." Now he's down to a reasonable 13 pounds thanks to one weird trick (not eating human food and excessive treats).

Dennis's current owner, unlike her relatives who transformed him into a plump li'l sausage the size of a chubby first-grader, put him on "a strict regimen of diet and exercise." He's now able to run up and down the stairs, something he couldn't do when he was the saddest, fattest little weenie.

This year, Dennis will have his second skin-removal surgery.

He's not the first tragically overweight Dachshund to drop a huge amount of weight. Back in 2012, a wiener dog named Obie made the news at 77 pounds. A year after being adopted by a veterinarian, he'd reached his weight goal of 28 pounds.

These dogs teach us an inspiring lesson, just in time for new year's resolutions: You, too, can totally transform your body if someone strictly regulates your food intake and forces you to get regular exercise.

[h/t ABC]