A 5-year-old Pennsylvania girl who was abducted Thursday in Lancaster Township was rescued and returned safely to her mother thanks a pair of teens who located the kidnapper and chased him down on their bikes.

15-year-old Temar Boggs and his pal Chris Garcia didn't know Jocelyn Rojas or her family when they decided to join the local police in searching for her abductor.

"I had the gut feeling that I was going to find the little girl," Temar told Lancaster Online.

That gut feeling proved prescient: Just two hours after a middle-aged man reportedly lured Jocelyn into his vehicle with the promise of ice cream she was spotted by Temar inside a maroon car on Gable Park Road.

Temar said the car caught his eye as it suspiciously swerved in an out of side streets, seemingly trying to avoid getting noticed by police vehicle in the area.

The boy and his friend gave chase on their bikes, and quickly caught up with the vehicle.

Looking inside they saw a little girl and an older man behind the wheel. The man looked back at Temar and Chris before driving a short distance and pushing Jocelyn out of the car.

"She runs to my arms and said, 'I need to see my mommy,'" Boggs recalled.

Unfortunately the kidnapper managed to drive off and police are still asking for the public's assistance in helping to track him down.

But Jocelyn's family is just happy to have her back, and they know who to thank for that.

"[They] were just saying that I was a hero, that I was a guardian angel and that it was amazing that I was there and was able to find the girl," said Temar. "I'm just a normal person who did a thing that anybody else would do."

[screengrab via Lancaster Online, video via Fox43]