Three 17-year-old boys on Long Island have been arrested, NBC News reports, after their high school’s computer system was breached over the summer—schedules were altered and grades changed.

Authorities said that, in July, these three super-nerds hacked into the Commack High School computer system and changed around 300 students’ schedules and adjust two students’ grades. Daniel Soares, who investigators called the “mastermind” (lol) behind the attack, and his accomplices, Alex Mosquera and Erick Vaysman, were arraigned on Tuesday, CBS News reports.

According to NBC News, investigators said the alleged “ringleader” (haha) broke into a classroom after hours twice and attached a key logger to a teacher’s computer, thereby securing the teacher’s log-in information. Nice.

The boy allegedly changed one grade for another one of the defendants and four of his own, authorities said, including turning a 94 into a 100. (LOL.)

He was charged with computer tampering, identity theft, burglary, eavesdropping, and computer trespass. Both of the other defendants were charged with criminal solicitation; one was also charged with computer tampering and the other was also charged with computer trespass.

These are not inconsequential charges! According to CBS:

Mosquera and Vaysman are facing up to four years in prison for charges on soliciting Soares for favors. Soares faces charges for burglary, computer tampering and identity theft, and could see up to 11 years if convicted.

All three pleaded not guilty and were released on their own recognizance, in all likelihood to a heroes’ welcome back at school.

“He seemed like a normal kid,” Sydney Pasquarelli, 16, told the New York Daily News. “He must have been scared about college and wanted good grades. They are not troublemakers.”

“I guess they did it to be cool,” another Commack High School senior told the Daily News. “I feel bad for them. This is going to hurt their future.”

Or it will make for a great college application essay! “Hacking Is Bae.”

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