The Georgia teen who heroically blew through tens of thousands of an elderly neighbor's dollars after they were mistakenly deposited in his bank account last March has finally had his sweet run ended by a judge. He's been ordered to serve 10 years probation and pay back the $30,000 he spent.

When the non-fuck-giving teen discovered a teller had given the money to him instead of the rightful owner, he reportedly refused to give it back, pretending it was an inheritance from a dead grandmother.

Actually, it belonged to 70-year-old Steven Fields, a man who turned out to live on the same Hull, Madison County, street as the teen and had just deposited the money from a land sale, Fox6Now reports.

Within 10 days, the cheeky, incorrigible youth had allegedly spent $20,000 in cash and another $5,000 on his debit card, buying a BMW and "other things."

He's since been arrested for possessing drugs, Fox 6 reports. It's not clear whether the li'l scamp is alleged to have bought them with the money that fortuitously rained down upon him due to a bank teller's innocent error. If convicted, his probation would turn into some amount of jail time.

"I told that woman up at the bank she should have looked over her mistake that she made if she knew there were three people up there with the same name," Stacey Sorrow, the great role model who raised Hero Teen into the man he is today, told Fox6Now.

"He was excited. I would have been too."

Fields, the victim, said he didn't feel like the freewheeling, Tom Sawyeresque teen felt particularly sorry about what he'd done.

"I don't know if he was or not. It's like when people say, 'I'm sorry.' I feel like they're sorry they got caught," he said, adding that he was just sad that his friend, the bank teller, had been fired over her mistake.

On the bright side, though, a totally deserving teen got a "Bimmer" and allegedly some drugs, so I guess karma is probably real.

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