UPDATE 2:45 p.m.: According to the San Antonio Express-News, Josh Lewis denies his boss’s version of events, saying the attacker stole his car with the pizzas in it and he did not complete his delivery. Our assessment of Lewis (who was stuck with “a huge dagger” in the line of duty) as a pizza hero stands.

Some situations—such as needing pizza—are clear emergencies while others—like, say, getting stabbed—can pretty much be dealt with whenever. On Monday, a Louisville pizza guy demonstrated a clear understanding of this distinction, completing a delivery minutes after getting shanked and carjacked.

Pizza hero Josh Lewis was bringing pies to Norton Hospital when a carjacker sank a knife into his back, an attack that collapsed Lewis’ lung but did little to shake his adherence to the (imaginary) Pizza Guy Code. From WLKY:

“It’s surreal. I can’t believe it happened to him,” [boss Willow] Rouben said. “As he was taking the pizzas out of his car and walking to deliver the pizza, he was stabbed in the back. Believe it or not, he got his pizzas delivered and collapsed in the ER.”

Investigators said the suspect, described as a black man in his 40’s, jumped into Lewis’ black Jeep Cherokee and took off.

Rouben said Lewis was rushed to nearby University Hospital and into surgery with a collapsed lung.

Chillingly, police say the Pizza Lex Luthor to Lewis’ Pizza Superman is still at large.

[Image via WLKY]