A Keystone Heights, Fla. couple turned themselves in to Clay County police earlier this week after allegedly forging documents to live in their $1.4 million, 7,000-square foot "home." The couple's ruse was exposed when the home's new, actual owners discovered people were already living in their house.

Jenna Dean, 23, apparently bragged about her new home on Facebook, allegedly posting, "This is the house we just bought. We have a lot of work to do, it'll take some time but Rome wasn't built overnight." (So true.)

"It's amazing...way better than you made it sound!" one friend supposedly told the couple. "I'm totally jealous!" (Same!!!)

All it takes to find a home like theirs—with six bedrooms, double two-car garages, spiral staircases, and a swimming pool—is "years of looking and harassing banks about their foreclosures," Jenna allegedly told friends. Easy.

Landing a sick mansion like that isn't so easy, apparently. Police claim Jenna Dean, and her husband Justin, 24, forged bank documents to secure the home from foreclosure. From the Florida Times-Union:

In September, the Clay County Sheriff's Office was contacted by an attorney who completes real estate transactions for Ameris Bank.

The attorney said the Deans filed a fake quit-claim deed with the Clay County Clerk of Courts and the property had not been sold, according to the police report.

A quit-claim deed is used to transfer property rights from one person to another.

The fraudulent deed featured the forged signatures of three employees of Ameris Bank.

The couple has since been released on bond and it would appear they have skedaddled: The Facebook page of their horse shoeing and grooming business, J.D. Farrier Services, claims they have closed shop after accepting a job offer out of state.

[Screengrab via WJXT]