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Important development in the cat vs. dog wars: Yesterday, a toddler riding his bike in his family's driveway was nearly mauled by a neighbor's aggressive dog. But before the dog could do too much damage, Tara, the family's cat, rushed out and scared the much-larger dog away.

A surveillance camera captured the near-attack, which took place in Bakersfield, California.

From ABC 23:

The family's cat, named Tara, rushes the attacking dog and chased it away.

The boy's mother told 23ABC the boy needed a few stitches, but he is doing fine this morning.

She also said the dog belonged to a neighbor and is now under observation.

UPDATE 3:34 pm: The dog will be put to sleep. From TMZ:

As if being beaten up by a cat wasn't bad enough, TMZ has learned ... the dog was picked up by animal control yesterday and the decision has been made to put it to sleep.

Sources tell us ... the dog was aggressive even after it was captured and officials decided it was in the best interest for everyone involved to euthanize the canine.

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