Remember those hoverboards that were almost certainly fake? Well, they're fake.

Funny or Die is the perpetrator that tried (and probably failed, honestly) to crush your hoverboard dreams with star-studded hoax ads headlined by Back to the Future's Christopher Lloyd.

A tearful Lloyd admitted as much in a new Funny or Die video, where he claims he was hornswoggled too—he wanted to believe in hoverboards so much that he missed the obvious trickery.

Okay, so, that's clearly part of the ruse, too. But what is Funny or Die promoting with all of this?

Looks like it's a giveaway of one of the (fake) hoverboards from the HUVr commercial—a replica design of the Back to the Future 2 original—signed by all of the ad's stars. Nothing being sold, no Back to the Future 4 teaser, just a really fancy play for Facebook comments.

One lucky winner gets a hoverboard; everyone else gets a heel rubbed into their last remaining shred of childlike excitement and wonder. Now that's funny (and/or die)!