Have you heard of “The League”? It’s like Tinder, but for white people people who fancy themselves “elite” and aspire to white collar crime. Business Insider, a website run by an actual disgraced banker, recently attended a party thrown by The League.

What separates The League from its smartphone dating competitors is that it allows you to filter out non-white people through a simple series of taps. It also throws private events. The League’s latest party was held in the Hamptons, at a place called Surf Lodge. Business Insider’s ever-credulous reporters say guests “quickly began drinking and mingling,” and provided other business-related insights:

Here’s what a party on Montauk thrown by a dating app for elites looks like, as captured by event photographer Travis W. Keyes, who has granted his permission to publish the following:

“Hell is empty and all the devils are here.”

Correction: This post previously alluded to Business Insider CEO Henry Blodget as a white collar criminal, when he has in fact never been convicted of any criminal wrongdoing. Rather, he is permanently banned from the securities industry after facing civil allegations from the SEC.

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