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This clip of a man jamming on a keyboard and singing what sounds like "everybody knows shit, FUCK" has been making the rounds today: It's been dubbed "The Everybody Knows Shit Fuck Dance," and declared "one of the internet's greatest achievements" from a "street musician who only knows four words." Only some of that is true.

The song is actually called "Everybody Knows Shit's Fucked," and the performer is Stephen Paul Taylor, a 40-year-old Canadian-born musician living in Germany. He describes himself as "quite possibly the most notorious keyboard player in all of Berlin."

He might be a "street musician" of sorts, in that he was literally playing music on a street when that video was taken, but he also regularly plays shows at indoor venues.

He also knows more than four words. And, as you can see from this music video he posted from his kitchen today, some of them are about the U.S. doing 9/11. (This is the titular shit that he strongly feels is fucked.)

That's one catchy synthpop conspiracy theory!

While the Loose Change-y specifics of SPT's lyrics are dubious, his hook taps into a broader sentiment regarding shit generally, vis. whether it is fucked (and, if yes, whether everybody knows). That's at least a middling internet achievement.

[h/t Reddit, Video: louisaamenke/Instagram ]