A swastika painted in human feces in a dorm bathroom has been at (or at least near) the center of this month’s anti-racism protests at the University of Missouri. Notably, many conservative pundits have questioned whether it happened at all. Well, it did, and here’s the gross picture.

The Federalist has the goods, only two days after publishing a story headlined “Was The Poop Swastika Incident At Mizzou A Giant Hoax?” Conservative writers have been perhaps too eager to argue that the swastika was a hoax, because that would show that the commie student protests were based on a lie, which would prove... something, I guess, about institutional racism and American college life.

Federalist was not alone. A National Review article asked “Hey Mizzou, Where’s the Poop?” (Here it is.) Breitbart, itself a sort of editorial poop swastika, pointed out that “If the Missouri swastika were real, there would be pictures of it.” (There are.) The Daily Caller considered it a done deal: “the truth has been flushed out, and this story has swirled down the drain.”

As you can see, according to a freedom of information request filed by the Federalist—the results of which they perhaps could have waited to receive before publishing their “hoax” piece—there was indeed a swastika of shit in a Mizzou bathroom:

The pictures released by the university show a swastika drawn on the wall of a unisex bathroom stall on the third floor of Gateway Hall, a university dormitory. According to an accompanying incident report which was also provided pursuant to a public records request, photos were taken by dormitory advisors and two police officers. A heavily redacted police report detailing the the university police department’s response to the incident was provided to a handful of media outlets on Wednesday evening.

Well, here it is:


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