Russian authorities seized this painting, showing Russian President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev in ladies' lingerie, from a St. Petersburg art gallery.

In the painting, Putin's dolled up in a pink slip, carefully combing through the hair of a push-up-brassiere-wearing Medvedev. Did the police seize this artwork so they could hang it in their offices? So that disrobed Putin and Medvedev could suggestively gaze upon the authorities from a government wall?

Unlikely: The police also grabbed two other paintings that depicted Russian politicians who had been at the forefront of supporting Russia's draconian anti-gay/anti-trans legislation. Russia has laws that ban "gay propaganda" as well as legislation that protects politicians from "insults."

The owner of the gallery said he hadn't been given any formal warrant or explanation regarding the seizing of the paintings. The gallery has since been closed.

[image via BBC video]