Everybody hates Starbucks' absurdly stupid "Race Together" initiative, but the people who hate it the most are probably the baristas, who have been asked by their wealthy bosses to bear the responsibility of starting discussions about American racism... at Starbucks. A tipster sent us a photo of what she says is the internal memo distributed to Starbucks workers—here's what "Race Together" looks like from the inside.

It makes yet another great case for why working at Starbucks must be a special shitty hell.

Not only, if you are a Starbucks employee, must you make coffee all day with the efficiency of a machine while dealing with entitled dickhead customers. You must also—at least this week—watch a video of your CEO talking about race, print out a USA Today ad, hand out stickers, then remove the original ad and replace it with a special insert. All so that you can "help foster empathy and common understanding in the country" as "the country faces ongoing racial tension."

If you're lucky, you make $9 an hour. Sounds great.

[image via Getty]