The 20-second Jurassic World teaser released last week was notable for its lack of the one thing everyone really wanted to see: Chris Pratt. We didn't get a glimpse of our Star-Lord and savior until the last of its 20 seconds.

This first official trailer delivers the goods, though: It's all Pratt, all the time. (Except for the time it's about an unseen, genetically modified, man-eating dinosaur that has of course escaped and now threatens to kill anything that moves didn't you science geniuses learn anything from previous failed attempts at dinosaur-resurrection theme parks I mean geez obviously someone was going to get hurt GOSH. Deep breath.)

It also sneaks in a few callbacks to the original Jurassic Park: "She's a highly intelligent animal" is the new "clever girl," kids are hiding in the shadows from dinosaurs, and we have to evacuate the island!

Jurassic World opens June 12, 2015. In other Chris Pratt news, Chris Pratt is going to be a Cowboy Ninja Viking. (No, seriously.)

[h/t Polygon]