A SWAT team surrounded Lil Wayne's Miami Beach mansion yesterday after a 911 caller claimed to have shot four people there. The call turned out to be a swatting hoax, a fake report of a crime too serious for law enforcement to ignore, even if they know it's likely fake. And in this case, there's a good chance the operator knew.

Here's the audio from the 911 call—what sounds like two calls, actually—obtained by TMZ:

"You called on the phone just to say that?" the dispatcher asks the first caller, who just gives his location as "Dwayne's house," and calls her a bitch.

The second caller, in a lower (possibly disguised?) voice, gives Wayne's address and repeatedly insists on officers being sent to the scene.

No one was actually shot, and Wayne wasn't home at the time. Police are still trying to ID the prankster or pranksters, TMZ reports.

[Photo: AP Images]