Nick Jonas, the littlest Jonas brother, has officially completed his transition from young, purity-ring-wearing, boy-band boy to grown-up, Marky-Mark-lite, faking-orgasms-with-topless-ladies cable-television man.

[There was a video here]

[There was a video here]

This is just one of "three or four" Jonas sex scenes in Kingdom, the DirecTV series where he plays a horny MMA fighter, and it's possible not all of those scenes are hetero girl-rides-boy affairs.

"Another little thing is my character has a big storyline… revolving around his sexuality," Jonas said on Watch What Happens Live. Gossip Cop reads that as a hint that Jonas' character might be questioning his orientation, but maybe it means he's just filling the holes in his life with straight sex.

Either way, the show promises "lots of nudity," which is good enough for JoBros fans, who are, by this point, also all grown up and into softcore porn. Hurray!

[h/t Gossip Cop, Videos: DemiLover/Vine]