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Republican strategist Mary Matalin appeared on last night's episode of Real Time with Bill Maher to discuss the book she wrote with her Democrat husband James Carville, Love & War: Twenty Years, Three Presidents, Two Daughters and One Louisiana Home. (Carville also appeared on the Real Time panel.) When she sat down next to Maher, he remarked, "I know you're very brave because you had a fall and you had a little medical problem and you still showed up." Matalin proved to be more than just brave—she seemed hopped up on something that made her speech sluggish and slurred. She brought the party.

Highlights of her appearance included her referring to her husband as a "stud muffin," her description of Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson as a "chick magnet," and Carlson's wife as "hot, hot, hot." But my favorite thing that she said, when discussing her love for animals and their reciprocation of it, was, "They come to me. Birds land on my shoulders. Rats come to me, cats come to me." The way she said it was so musical, it's been looping in my head like a pop song's hook.

Highlights above.