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In a stunt that was debatably art and definitely pop, someone threw up all over Lady Gaga during her set at SXSW Thursday night.

Fortunately (disappointingly?) the gag was all part of the act, a performance by London-based "vomit painter" and friend of Gaga Millie Brown.

Brown, 27, has been described as the Jackson Pollock of puke. She drinks colored soy milk and barfs it up on canvases (or, in some cases, human beings). Brown previously appeared in Gaga's music video for "Exorcist Interlude."

Thursday night, she came out during "Swine" and painted Gaga fluorescent green with art-goo called forth from the depths of her soul stomach. Later in the set, the two scissored on top of a giant mechanical bull suspended from the ceiling, while Millie coated Gaga in black vomit.

The whole thing was sponsored by Doritos.

[H/T: Just Jared]