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The video above is about five minutes worth of a glorified roast that lasted something like a half-hour and featured digression after digression—like, for example, an informal poll on who will be a better host of the The Apprentice, Trump or his handpicked successor Arnold Schwarzenegger, whom Trump also decided to indirectly humiliate in front of his audience, despite his being, you know, Trump’s handpicked successor.

But now I digress. In this clip, Trump goes on and on about how Mitt Romney was a bad, failed candidate (true!), who would have dropped to his knees to get money from Trump. (There was a whole tangent later about Trump hosting a fundraiser for Mitt and then having his carpet ruined because it was raining that night. The crowd cheered.) He says that towards the end of his campaign, Mitt was scoping nine-car garages and says that Mitt still harbors fantasies of winning this year’s nomination at the Republican convention.

Trump also pulled off this neat trick where he called Jeb Bush a “high-energy salesman” whom Mitt was afraid of, which is funny because Donald Trump effectively killed Jeb’s campaign by ruthlessly and not incorrectly painting Jeb as “low-energy.”

Indeed, Donald Trump has now flip-flopped on Jeb Bush’s energy level solely to roast Mitt Romney.

Anyway this video is nothing if not memorable spectacle, which is the only way to think of Donald Trump’s candidacy if you want to sleep well at night.

UPDATE (6:50 p.m.) Here is the full supercut of burns if indeed you crave more Trump.

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