Nearly the entire Wu-Tang Clan (R.I.P Ol' Dirty Bastard) appeared on the Daily Show last night to promote their 20th anniversary reunion album, A Better Tomorrow, setting up one of the most uncomfortable Jon Stewart interviews imaginable.

"Did you have reservations about coming back and laying down things?" he wondered. (No.) And can Jon Stewart get a "soooooo?" (Yes, he can. Wu-Tang represent.)

Surprisingly, Senior Caucasian Correspondent Jordan Klepper's brief attempt at rapping in front of the greatest hip-hop supergroup of all time turned out to be the least awkward part of the segment.

At least it ended with the debut of a new track, "Ron O'Neal":

To be fair to Stewart, though, interviewing 9 people at the same time is always going to be tough, and he went with a strategy many Wu-Tang fans have relied on for decades: Giving Ghost and Chef all the attention and criminally ignoring Masta Killa.

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