Photo: The Hill/MSNBC

Today, Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough took a break from his regularly scheduled morning adulations to suggest he might not support Donald Trump anymore because of Trump’s proposed Muslim ban. Turns out he does have a sense of humor!

That Scarborough stans for Trump is indisputable. Which makes it all the more hilarious that he’d posture now like he’d withdraw his support over Trump’s proposed ban on Muslims.

“I’m disappointed Willy that yesterday, he stuck by the Muslim ban. That’s a loser, it’s a loser with the majority of Americans, and you’ve got Republicans like me, I just am not going to vote for a guy—I’m not going to vote,” Scarborough said.

A reasoned response from Joe Scarborough—incredible. Inspiring even—truly, anything can happen. But then he kept talking: “He’s got to make the turn and say, ‘Ok, this is a system we can put in place, where we can allow Muslims to come in America, but maybe not from Syria...’”

Just an hour later, Scarborough took legitimate offense when director Rob Reiner suggested some of Trump’s supporters might be racist.