In celebration of the almost-annual winter return of the McRib, McDonald's dropped a few videos today that purport to reveal the secrets of everyone's favorite barbecue sauce-covered restructured pork item. They do, kind of.

Things you will see: A bunch of actual pork, albeit after the bones have been removed (at least it's not pink slime); the machine that presses the pre-cooked patties into that strange ribless-rib shape; Grant Imahara's career change from Mythbuster to corporate myth-perpetuator.

Things you won't: Anything about the conditions under which the pigs that go into a McRib are raised and killed. Basically, you don't get to see how the McSausage is actually made. This is an #ad, after all.

We also learn that "McDonald's historian" is an actual job that someone has (she apparently gets paid in discontinued food boxes and vintage t-shirts) and that the McRib's seasonal appearance on the menu has nothing to do with pork prices (sure it doesn't.)

If you need to spend some alone time with looping McRib process GIFs, you sick individual, they're on sploid.

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