Here is an email illustrating how brands (Sprite, in this case) pay off reporters and bloggers with free stuff as a direct quid pro quo for coverage. There's also some info about a TOP SECRET Drake and Nas concert we would like to share.

The following email was sent to the editor of a New York media outlet this week. This kind of stuff happens every day! Witness the vast respect that the Sprite corporation displays for the concept of journalism.

From: [PR Person]

To: [Editor]

Subject: Sprite NBA All-Star/Concert Opportunity


Reaching out to [website] on behalf of Sprite. A few days ago, Sprite launched its Thirst of the Boroughs program highlighting up-and-coming musical artists and fashion designers in NYC. I was hoping we might be able to arrange a sponsored content opportunity of sorts. Though I don't have any budget to work with, I do have two tickets for three premiere events during NBA All-Star Weekend:

  • On Friday, Feb. 13, Sprite is presenting Drake and Nas for its Obey Your Thirst Concert at Irving Plaza in NYC. It will be the first time the two have ever shared the stage together. (NOTE: This is a private concert - tickets are not available to the public. Also, please keep this on the hush - it won't be announced publicly in advance of the concert.)
  • We also have two lower-level tickets for State Farm NBA All–Star Saturday Night on Feb. 14 at Barclays Center and the NBA All–Star Game on Sunday, Feb. 15 at Madison Square Garden.

Here's the thing: Because the approximate value of these tickets is so high and they are not conventional media passes, our legal counsel has made us aware we must create a formal agreement with any outlet to which we are providing the tickets. So, we propose an agreement with very minimal asks. In exchange for two tickets to each of the three events, we would ask for:

  • One (1) Thirst of the Boroughs program overview story on [website]
  • One (1) tweet from [website's Twitter] linking to the story
  • One (1) Facebook post from [website] linking to the story

Please let me know if you have any questions.


[PR Person]

Sprite, Drake, and the favor-trading corruption of journalism are all bad.

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