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More goodness from this weekend's True Life mini-marathon: "I Want To Be an Obscure Pageant Queen" profiled 27-year-old Adrienne, who competed in the Miss Star Trek Universe beauty pageant. Adrienne dressed as an Andorian, sassily answered a question in which she was compared to a Smurf, and sang a song that she wrote. It did not go well for her. Her blue painted face was left streaked with tears.

One of her friends, who was also dressed as an Andorian, put things into perspective: "You know, the concept of a Miss Star Trek Universe beauty pageant is a little weird to me. 'Cause Star Trek fans are not usually, you know, people that can enter beauty pageants. We're the people who got bullied by the pretty kids in school." Indeed. The point of this pageant also sort of makes it...pointless.

Nonetheless, Adrienne told producers that she plans on entering the pageant again next year. I hope her alien heart can take it.