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Last time on Manhattan’s Drunkest Brunches, daytime cocktail peddler Pranna was at risk of losing its liquor license after its Madison Avenue neighbors complained about customers’ belligerent, bottomless-mimosa-soaked antics. A notable incident involving a drunk NYU student who claimed to be the heir “half of fucking Manhattan” certainly wasn’t helping their case.

That was last August. And my, how the Sunday-morning tableau painted down 28th Street in regurgitated OJ and vodka (mostly vodka) has changed since then.

Kidding! Above is the latest video from Pranna neighbor and brunch voyeur ProblematicPranna, shot just last Sunday.

In a now-deleted April 12 video, ProblematicPranna pointed out that this shitshow continues long after Pranna told Community Board 5 in August that it would “clean up its act” and “look into reducing the hours of serving alcohol during brunch so people will consume less drinks.” Almost nothing has changed since then: Pranna still serves brunch until 7 p.m., with a limit of only five drinks per person instead of “bottomless” mimosas and screwdrivers. Patrons are apparently still “fighting, puking, peeing and falling over” on a weekly basis.

The restaurant (or is it a club? This has been a matter of some debate) has a history of run-ins with the Community Board. Back in 2013, Pranna was required to hire additional security and stop marketing the place as a club after “complaints of loud music, fights, and “illegal dancing.”

Its liquor license was up for renewal last September, not long after the incident with The Heir made the news, but the State Liquor Board apparently decided not to act. Pranna is now listed as licensed through 2016.

[h/t Gothamist]