I understand the value of meteorology, really I do.

I understand that we need people who are brave enough — and crazy enough — to fly head first into storms in order to gather data on how severe a storm is and where it’s heading, crucial data that could help save the lives of thousands of people.

However, when I see a video like this, I DO NOT UNDERSTAND.

This video, for what it’s worth, was shot by real, honest-to-god scientists aboard the National Oceanic and Atmospheric aircraft Lockheed WP-3D Orion by flight engineer Joseph Kippel, who was collecting data for the National Hurricane Center.

Hurricane Patricia, which meteorologists predicted could have been the largest hurricane to make landfall in recent history, hit the coast of Mexico with wind speeds up to 200 mph. Fortunately, the hurricane quickly lost momentum, and was downgraded from a Category 5 storm to a tropical storm.

Reports say that while the storm dumped heavy rains on the region, there have thus far been zero casualties and no serious injuries.

h/t Uproxx

Image via YouTube/Joseph Kippel