Presidential candidate and professional evader Hillary Clinton has truly perfected the smile-and-turn, a political maneuver often used, but seldom captured on tape. Finally, here we have it: rare footage of Clinton in her natural habitat.

In 2013, Politico reported that Clinton had been paid to speak to a group of Goldman Sachs employees, and, according to sources, reassured plutocrats about her stance on punishing bankers for past wrongdoings, saying that she didn’t want to keep berating the financial industry. But exactly what was said during those speeches remains a mystery.

When The Intercept’s Lee Fang asked Clinton at a town hall in Manchester, New Hampshire, on Friday whether she would release transcripts from speeches she was paid to give to Goldman Sachs bankers, Clinton gave us one fleeting, beautiful moment in which we can see everything. In a matter of seconds, so much happens: she 1) registers the meaning of Fang’s words, 2) realizes their implications, 3) lets loose a steady stream of he-he-he’s and, finally, 4) deftly averts her gaze—all with a warm, unwavering smile pasted across her face.

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