This interspecies battle comes courtesy of Anthony Gill, a father and dog-caretaker living in from Australia, where kangaroos are very prevalent creatures. One afternoon, Gill's great dane Max decided to run after a small mob of roos and ended up getting slapped around by one of the aggressively defensive marsupials. More specifically:

Max bolted and chased a mob of kangaroos around 500m down an old fire trail. I got in my ute and drove to find him circling this roo and initially not doing anything. My four year old daughter was with me and I dragged the dog away three times, moving down the fire trail further to create distance. This was the FIRST time my dog had ever chased any game and he is normally a house dog who I chill out with watching tv.

Look at how the kangaroo uses those damn arms! They're not as cute when they're trying to drown a dog.

[via Outside]