Puddles the Sad Clown is just like teenage pop sensation Lorde, except that he's extremely tall, entirely mute when he's not singing, and is a clown. They do both have golden voices, though.

Puddles, backed by the sensational Scott Bradlee and his band, scored a major YouTube hit with a cover of "Royals," and he apparently didn't want to stop there.

Bradlee writes,

Last week, I got a call from the front desk of my building to inform me that a 7 ft clown was here to see me. Immediately recognizing this to be Puddles, the golden voiced sad clown from our "Royals" cover, I called in the band. Although Puddles doesn't speak, it soon became evident that he wished to cover another Lorde song. So, here's our cover of "Team."

Look, Puddles isn't very pretty, but he sure knows how to run things.

[H/T: VVV]