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Because of SharkNado, people have been paying more attention to Tara Reid lately, and because of that, she is having a great time. Tonight, she appeared on Shark After Dark, a live show that is new to the Discovery Channel's Shark Week lineup, which now exists solely to mock you and your childhood dreams of enlightenment through this annual exploration of the deep.

At one point during the live broadcast, Tara Reid decided to inform everyone of her earlier cram session regarding sharks. You know you're in for a good story when it begins, "Today, I was like, all right, I don't wanna, like, sound stupid when I do this show today, like..." I love a girl who shows her hand at the start of the game.

So she learned a little education on sharks, specifically about whale sharks, which (spoiler alert) are not made from sharks and whales having sex. In this one-minute monologue Tara doesn't so much go full-Anna Nicole as she goes quarter-Anna Nicole. Still, that's a lot.

There should be a show whose sole premise is Tara Reid talking. Wouldn't have to be a full half hour. Could be a 15-minute Adult Swim-type deal. Five-minute interstitials on IFC. Whatever. You know she'd do it.