We're constantly being told that "First" "Lady" Michelle Hussein Obama loves health food. Is that right? Oh really? Is that so? Then why is the famous healthy White House chef fleeing at top speed—hmmm??

I suppose the White House "image machine" thought that they could bury this news early on a Monday morning, like so many beetroot seeds in the organic White House Garden. Not so. This is why the independent media exists—to tell We The People that the haughty Obama regime is shedding allies faster than a rat sheds its fur. (No, the metaphor chosen was not a mistake.)

For years, Machelle Obama has made clear that she is "in bed" with Big Health Food, and woe be to the regular old American who wants to mom's cooking with Velveeta. Off with you! Off across the porous border to Old Mexico? Do you think the Obama family, secure in their opulent furnishings, gives a darn about what you eat? Not atall—they have their own fancy chef. Or should I say—had?

Because we learned today that White House Chef Sam Kass is leaving his post. Leaving in the middle of the game. Packing up and running off to his liberal wife, MSNBC host Alex Wagner, who no doubt praises Michel Obama up and down and left at right at home... no wonder Sam wanted to quit! He got the Obamas at work and then had to hear it all over again at home, from his liberal wife! Quit? Yes, you better believe it!

And what did the spinmeisters in the West Wing have to say about Mr. Healthy Man running away from their failing administration at top speed? "I wish Sam success in all his future endeavors, and I know he will continue to be a leader in the vitally important work to build a healthier country," Mitchell Obama said, likely while instructing her in-house character assassination team on the most effective way to destroy this man's reputation throughout America.

Well, to the NSA and the Obamas and everyone else reading this in order to "keep tabs" on me and my fellow patriots who actually care about whether or not this country goes to hell: we are watching you. We are watching you Meshell Ndegeocello Obama, and we know that you are eating mad tacos on the sly. We are watching you, Barck Obama, while you play golf and act like a rapper and disrespect the troops and ruin this once great nation. We know that you are eating mad tacos on the sly too. And your kids are probably eating mad tacos on the sly, as well as your aides and hangers-on. I bet the Taco Bell near that White House knows you all too well. You scum.

We are watching.

[Photo of Michet Obama ordering around the White House chef like just another taco delivery boy: AP]