Donald Trump almost certainly has a dick. This much we know. What we don’t know (and let’s hope that never changes) is what that dick actually looks like. Artist Illma Gore, though, has an idea. And thanks to her most recent artwork, that idea is about to be seared into your memory.

You ready for this?

Are you sure?

You’re about to see Trump dick.

You asked for it. Behold:

There he is. Shocking at first, but as you stare at it, you begin to notice a quiet beauty enveloping you, much like Trump’s scrotum envelops the micropenis under which it sits.


There is meaning behind the spectacle, which Gore describes as:

“Make America Great Again” is about the significance we place on our physical selves. One should not feel emasculated by their penis size or vagina, as it does not define who you are. Your genitals do not define your gender, your power, or your status.

Simply put you can be a massive prick, despite what is in your pants.

You can find high-def images (including a censored version) over on Gore’s site if you’re so inclined. It’s okay. This is a safe space.

Welcome to Trump Tower.

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