I'm not a fan of the proliferation of reaction gifs on the internet. Gifs are crutches for people who can't express themselves with words. Also, Gifs frequently cause long, boring debates over the correct pronunciation of "Gif."

But this. This is a gif. Here is why this is the best gif.

  • It's made up of words, so it says what it means. No stupid Twilight characters or whatever.
  • It represents an appropriate reaction to 99% of things one sees on the internet. It is literally the gif to end all gifs.
  • It was made by this Tumblr user, who is awesome and also makes dozens of other weird animated text gifs, seemingly on demand. For example: "Shut up I'm blogging" and "I'm a walking sunglasses emoji"

So try responding to someone with the "lol nothing matters" gif the next time you are in an internet fight. You will automatically win so hard your opponent will probably disable all of their social media accounts and move to a remote mountaintop. Eventually the internet may disappear completely, thanks to the power of this one compelling gif, driving more and more people to remote mountaintops, where we'll all live in rural harmony.

Here is the full-sized version.

[via Animated Text]