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In case the title didn't tip you off, let me tell you that last night's SyFy original movie SharkNado was a perfect storm. Not only were there sharks in a tornado, but this squirtable-cheese pile of absurdity arrives at a moment that audiences are particularly receptive to shlock (via communal entertainment like YouTube and reality TV, "guilty pleasures" feel increasingly less guilty and more pleasurable) and the '90s revivalism that comes from throwing together a jittery Tara Reid, an ageless Ian Ziering, a barely recognizable John Heard (Kevin's father in Home Alone) and CGI straight out of the Sega Genesis game Ecco the Dolphin. SharkNado set Twitter on fire, as any train wreck can. This particular train wreck, however, happened to be conducted by sharks. In a tornado (actually multiple tornados and a hurricane, too).

In the best (and climactic scene) Ziering's character is consumed by a shark, only to cut through it with the chainsaw he's holding. It's funny 'cause it's nonsense. That scene (preceded by a few seconds of context) is above.