Irena Briganti, the Fox News PR assassin known as the media world's most vindictive flack, is quoted in the press all the time. But she's notoriously photo-shy. In fact it's been almost impossible to find a decent picture of her. Until now.

Briganti has long been known as someone willing to harass, plant negative stories about, and take various forms vengeance upon any reporter who dared to write true things about Fox News. So it's strange that she keeps her own online presence meticulously scrubbed, even to the extent of hiring a PR firm to try to game her Google results. When Jim Romenesko wrote about Briganti last year, he was only able to dig up the small, grainy photo pictured above on the left; the other small picture of Briganti, above at right, comes from a column on the Fox-friendly site Mediate earlier this month.

We found it rather incogruous for such an aggressive media presence to be a visual ghost. So we tracked down this 1996 college yearbook photo of Irena. We consider it a small contribution to the public archives of the American media world.

[Photo via University Archives, State University of New York at Albany. Research by J.K. Trotter.]