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Actually, here is a woman renewing her vows to a ferris wheel she calls Bruce.

Last night's entry of Logo's What? documentary series focused on objectum sexuality, which describes humans with romantic feelings for inanimate objects. An endlessly fascinating topic because it's pretty much impossible to the majority of people to wrap their heads around the idea of falling in love with an object, objectum sexuality is a frequent topic of documentaries and TLC reality shows.

What? Animism shared the story of Erika La Tour Eiffel, who married the Eiffel Tower and also has very strong feelings for the Berlin Wall. (She was the subject of an earlier doc called Married to the Eiffel Tower.) It also featured a woman in love with a Monoploy board (which she affectionately calls "Monop"), a woman with Asperger syndrome who loves the Statue of Liberty, a guy in love with his car, and Linda Ducharme, a pilot who previously had a romance with her plane. Ducharme's current object of affection is the ferris wheel Bruce, whom she previously married, had tuned up, and then remarried via a former Catholic priest who is in love with his soundboard.

In attendance was Linda's best friend on Facebook, CJ. The ceremony included the words, "I tie you, flesh to steel." We also watched Linda "feed" Bruce pizza. All of this was seemingly earnest—in fact, such was the case throughout the entire doc. Watch it below, and then when the next profile of objectum sexuality is released, watch that too.