Alert siren alert: one Victoria's Secret supermodel and one non-model attended an indie rock concert last night where they might have totally, undoubtedly, absolutely for sure kissed in public, maybe.

This unconfirmed Twitter fan photo shows Karlie Kloss and Taylor Swift are doing it for real, probably!!!

#confirmed. Here, compare that 100% make-out pic to a photo Taylor posted yesterday of herself looking on lovingly at a lingerie-clad Karlie.

Same girls, same love.

Nevermind the rumors that Taylor was actually at last night's 1975 show in New York City to see the lead singer Matt Healy, who got her number in Los Angeles two months ago. I think a blurry pic of blonde hair intertwining is all we need to confirm that Tayla is, in fact, in love with a woman.

Or, perhaps, multiple women. Last night after the show, Ms. Swift posted this photo with the caption, "I'm in love with @marhunt and @lilyaldridge."

It's a fun and sexy world and Taylor Swift is exploring all of it!