A little over two months ago, former conservative reality star, former executive director of FRC action, and current sex rehab resident Josh Duggar was one of the first major celebrities exposed in Ashley Madison’s unprecedented data dump. At the time, we were able to confirm his two paid accounts using the associated credit card info. But now, thanks to tipster Nathan Turner, we also have his profile pictures. [See updates below.]

These accounts were not deleted, so any member of Ashley Madison looking for a match in the same cities these accounts are registered in would be able to see the profile picture. (**Update: Ashley Madison clarifies that users are able to control which pictures on their account are public and private; public profile pictures such as these can be found by all members searching the site, not just through their information that was hacked. See updates at the end of this post).

The profile pictures of the undeleted accounts were pulled up by our tipster with a free, unverified account using data from the hack.

Of course any message you send won’t actually be delivered to Duggar himself. But this does teach us at least two things: 1) Josh Duggar apparently used real (though slightly obscured) photos for both of his paid Ashley Madison profiles, and 2) anyone who has an Ashley Madison account and used their actual photos may still have cause for concern.

Update 10/27, 10:38 a.m.:

Ashley Madison’s Vice President of Communications, Paul Keable has provided the following response:

While we can’t confirm whose accounts you’ve profiled in your article, we can confirm at no point were the two profiles in question hidden, deactivated or deleted by the user.

Which would mean that this discovery does not necessarily point to a new security flaw regarding Ashley Madison’s data deletion process, as stated previously. The post has been updated to reflect this. We regret the error.

Update 1:46 p.m.:

This post has been updated to reflect the fact that our tipster found the photos using data from the original hack.

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